Cégep à distance is the ideal place to start or finish your Diploma of Collegial Studies (DCS/DEC) or to take your university prerequisites. Does one of our programs that is offered in French interest you? A certain number of the courses are also available in English. Visit the list of our programs below to learn about our entire offering or download an overview of the courses offered in English at Cégep à distance.

  • To start or finish a DCS/DEC
    To take mandatory courses from the General Education component (French, English, Humanities and Physical Education) and complementary courses: Choose the program Springboard to a DCS/DEC (081.06) if your program is not offered at Cégep à distance. If you finish a DCS/DEC in a program that is not offered by Cégep à distance, you need to request that your original host college undertake the process to provide you with a diploma.
  • For our 7 university prerequisites offered in English and our 14 university prerequisites offered in French, choose the program University Pre-requisites (080.04).
  • To learn more about college-level programs, visit the College-level program structure page on our web site.

Program list