Cégep à distance is the ideal place to start or finish your Diploma of Collegial Studies (DCS/DEC) or to take your university prerequisites. Does one of our programs that is offered in French interest you? A certain number of the courses are also available in English. Visit the list of our programs below to learn about our entire offering or download Our courses at a glance leaflet or, for a more detailed list, see the table of all courses offered in English (in French) on the page Course and program tables.

  • To start or finish a DCS/DEC
    To take mandatory courses from the General Education component (French, English, Humanities and Physical Education) and complementary courses: Choose the pathway Springboard to a DCS/DEC (081.06) if your program is not offered at Cégep à distance. If you finish a DCS/DEC in a program that is not offered by Cégep à distance, you need to request that your original host college undertake the process to provide you with a diploma.
  • For our 7 university prerequisites offered in English and our 14 university prerequisites offered in French, choose the pathway University Pre-requisites (080.04).
  • To learn more about college-level programs, visit the College-level program structure page on our web site.

Program list