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Do you understand and trust the statistics used in the media? Can you critically evaluate Social Science research? Do you know if the numbers or graphs are reliable? At the end of this course, not only will you be able to read and understand the statistics used in the media or in social science research, but you will also be able to write a simple statistical report yourself. With the help of video tutorials, online exercises, and detailed explanations, you will learn to analyze, present, and evaluate statistics used in the media and in social science research.


Prerequisites: None

Hours: 60h

Ponderation: 2-2-2

Credits: 2

Assignments: 4

022P : To apply statistical tools to the interpretation of data related to contexts of study in the field of Social Science


65 - Multimedia course with web assignments (English version)

Particularities and material requirements

Computer requirements: None

Particularities: None


Program rate
Tuition: $120.00
Materials: $225.00
Total: $345.00

Non-program rate
Tuition: $360.00
Materials: $225.00
Total: $585.00