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In this course, you will analyze current environmental issues. You will have the opportunity to improve your knowledge and skills in geography and sustainable development. You will learn new concepts related to this contemporary field of study. Finally, you will use several geographer tools such as maps, images, data, indicators, graphs and diagrams.


Prerequisites: None

Recommended: None

Hours: 45h

Ponderation: 2-1-3

Credits: 2

Assignments: 4

022R : To thoroughly analyze a human phenomena


65 - Multimedia course with web assignments (English version)

Particularities and material requirements

Computer requirements:

Particularities: None


Program rate
Tuition: $90.00
Materials: $55.00
Total: $145.00

Non-program rate
Tuition: $270.00
Materials: $55.00
Total: $325.00