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The Physical Activity and Autonomy course is the last of three physical education courses. By applying the knowledge you gained in the first two courses, you will implement a process for integrating physical activity into your life. In concrete terms, this means that you will have to put on athletic clothes and get moving! The proposed approach will lead you to reflect on your practice of physical activity by planning a personal physical activity program, implementing it, and then evaluating it. The entire learning journey is designed to help you adopt and maintain an active lifestyle.


Prerequisites: None

Recommended: None

Hours: 30h

Ponderation: 1-1-1

Credits: 1

Assignments: 3

4EP2 : To demonstrate the ability to manage health-enhancing physical activity


65 - Multimedia course with web assignments (English version)

Particularities and material requirements

Computer requirements: Computer, Smartphone, GPS monitor, or device with a heart rate monitor

Particularities: Students will need to provide proof of their physical activity (e.g., videos, photos, or other documentation) to their tutor.


Program rate
Tuition: $60.00
Materials: $55.00
Total: $115.00

Non-program rate
Tuition: $180.00
Materials: $55.00
Total: $235.00