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The overall goal of the course Physical Activity and Autonomy is to demonstrate your ability to integrate a health-enhancing physical activity practice into your lifestyle. As you engage in your physical activity, you will apply what you have learned from the first two Physical Education courses by planning, applying, and evaluating your Personal Physical Activity Program (PPAP). After you have evaluated your PPAP, you will learn how to adjust it to fit your needs and your reality.


Prerequisites: AP: 109-101-MQ

Hours: 30h

Ponderation: 1-1-1

Credits: 1

Assignments: 5

4EP2 : To demonstrate the ability to manage health-enhancing physical activity


65 - Multimedia course with web assignments (English version)

Particularities and material requirements

Computer requirements:

  • Headphones (with integrated microphone)
  • Web camera
  • Skype video-conferencing software
  • Digital camera (can be on a cell phone or other multifunction devices)
  • This course IS NOT COMPATIBLE with version 10.7 (Lion) or later of Mac OS X.


You must be willing to take pictures and videos of yourself and to transmit them to your tutor. You must also ensure that you have the right to take photos or videos in places where you engage in physical activities.


Program rate
Tuition: $60.00
Materials: $55.00
Total: $115.00

Non-program rate
Tuition: $180.00
Materials: $55.00
Total: $235.00