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The Human Body (Biology) introduces the general functioning of the human body, focusing on the integration of the vital functions performed by the digestive, circulatory, respiratory, and excretory systems. We will study the structure and physiology of the nervous and endocrine systems in particular, because they control the activities of all the body's systems. We will also establish a link between these systems and the cell, because it is the fundamental structure in the human body, containing 'the program' that controls the manifestation of life. This control ensures not only vital functions but also the transfer of the program itself from generation to generation.


Prerequisites: No Preliminary

Hours: 45h

Ponderation: 2-1-3

Credits: 2

Assignments: 4

022R : To thoroughly analyze a human phenomena
022V : To explain the cellular and systemic regulation and the reproductive system of the human organism


15 - Print-based course with paper-based assignments that are sent by mail (in English)

Particularities and material requirements

Computer requirements:

Particularities: None


Program rate
Tuition: $90.00
Materials: $150.00
Total: $240.00

Non-program rate
Tuition: $270.00
Materials: $150.00
Total: $420.00